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How it works

Exclusive wellness website Your company will have a personalized website where employees can easily schedule wellness appointments.

Select services We can curate the services offered to your unique needs.

A network of experts The One Touch professionals are experienced and trained to meet corporate demands.

Schedule seamlessly Choose your desired activity, day, and time, and make the payment. We'll take care of the rest.

Exclusive to One Touch Spa

No upfront costs In this service model, the employee chooses and pays for their own services. The only thing we need is a suitable place within your business to host them. The partner company has no financial responsibilities unless you’d like to give employees a gift.

Safety We'll organize the schedule according to the demand of your company events and employees. It's very common to carry out sessions in weekly or monthly periods.

Exclusive profile Each employee or member will have an exclusive profile where they can organize their schedule, have access to their reservation history, accumulate loyalty points, and connect with other co-workers using our services.

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