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Huangshan Baiyun Machinery Co., Ltd. - located in the world cultural heritage - natural beauty, rich cultural connotation, folk customs simple, Ming and Qing dynasties to preserve the complete residential groups scenic area - Yixian county. It is the predecessor of Huangshan City Baiyun micro-tea factory; mainly produces famous tea and the first two series of more than 50 varieties of tea processing machinery; and the production of other agricultural and sideline products processing machinery. Products sell well both inside and outside the province, praised by the majority of users. In the case of

 I produced the famous tea complete sets of processing machinery access to Anhui Province, science and technology new product certificate, Anhui Province, rural science and technology progress third prize; is the state to support the promotion of agricultural machinery products, designated products for the promotion of Anhui Province, included in the directory of agricultural subsidies in Anhui Province. In the case of

 I deepen the reform of enterprises through the enterprise, to strengthen internal management; adhere to the quality of survival, product development ideas. Relying on scientific progress, the concept of continuous innovation and Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Annong, Hangzhou tea machine and other scientific research institutions to maintain close cooperation; it is this, "carefully tea machine, sincerely for the tea farmers," won the majority The user's trust, my company's products for decades has been in the province's leading position, the province's tea processing machinery backbone enterprises.



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