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China Huangshan second famous tea machine show a complete success

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March 19 - 20 in Huizhou District Huangshan big market held famous tea exhibition, attracted three provinces of Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi tea machinery production enterprises 16 participants, of which 14 companies in the field show their fist products. The province's 31 key tea production area and the city's tea processing enterprises (large) representatives and local tea farmers a total of more than 600 people will be to observe, exchange and trade. According to preliminary statistics, the total amount of the scene during the exhibition reached 1.18 million yuan, of which the city Yixian County Baiyun Tea Factory, Zhejiang Quzhou Takayama Tea Factory and Quzhou Green Peak Tea Co., Ltd., due to high technological content, Cheap and affordable, by the users around the general welcome, both supply and demand transactions active, turnover in the forefront.

 (Huangshan City Rural Economic Committee)


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