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"Humanistic Chinese Tea World" tea culture event held in Beijing

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Chinese tea culture and the Olympic spirit of the pavilions of "humanistic tea world tea culture promotion activities" in the October 22-25 in the Great Hall of the People and Beijing.

The Olympic torch has become a symbol of "light, solidarity, friendship, peace and justice" since the beginning of ancient Greece in 776 BC. And five thousand years ago, China's "Shen Nong's" since the discovery of tea, now, more than 50 countries around the world tea, more than 160 countries and regions, half of the human tea. China's tea production in 2009 920,000 tons of the first in the country. Chinese tea culture affects human civilization and progress, tea has become a "peace, friendship," the messenger, "friendship, goodwill, auspicious, harmonious" symbol.

China is the hometown of tea, and as the largest province of Chinese tea in Fujian, and strive for cooperation with the relevant institutions to organize the world tea culture event. Fujian tea has a long history, tea culture deep. Today, the province's total population of nearly one-tenth of more than 300 million people engaged in tea-related industries, for many years reelection of tea production, yield, seed rate, the number of special tea, tea birthplace, the number of tea varieties, Market share and other eight major indicators of the first. Therefore, "the world's tea to see China, China's tea to see Fujian," said.

Ministry of Agriculture, former Minister He Kang said that the Chinese tea culture has a long history, is the pride of the nation. Chinese tea has been developing since 1978, and now the output has been the first in the world. Fujian is the main producing areas of China's tea, tea for the world to fight the light. Tea is human life, life essential materials, not only the amount of tea to the development of China, but also to improve the quality of Fujian to be a "vanguard."

Director of the Organizing Committee and Director of the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture Song Minwang said that tea is not only a drink, but also a long and profound mass culture; tea is the eternal carrier of cultural and emotional exchanges between the Chinese nation and the people of the world. Tea culture is the Chinese nation's outstanding contribution to the development of human civilization in the world! To tea culture as the starting point to show the Chinese culture is the most representative. Tea home to do the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games to enhance tea fragrance. Such a tea culture event will help the people of the world to better understand the Chinese tea and tea culture, but also help us to communicate with the people of the world tea culture knowledge, process technology and management, promote peace and friendship between countries, promote human progress And the construction of a harmonious society.

Source: Xinhua Channel Fujian


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