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Green tea and wolfberry can not drink

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Green tea and wolfberry can be used to boil water to drink, the human body is very beneficial. There are a lot of people simply put them together and brew. However, the green tea contains a large number of tannic acid with the role of convergence adsorption, will absorb the trace elements in Chinese wolfberry, the human body is difficult to absorb the material. Restaurants in the popular Babao tea is also both green tea and wolfberry, although the amount of green tea is relatively small, but should not drink.

Morning drink green tea afternoon drink wolfberry

Green tea and Chinese wolfberry are very nutritious, green tea contains catechins and β-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., a number of experiments show that green tea can remove free radicals, anti-aging, prevention of cancer.

Drink green tea can prevent cell gene mutation, inhibit the growth of malignant tumors, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, but also can prevent colds, caries and eliminate bad breath and so on.

Wolfberry nature, sweet, with Bushenyijing, Ziyin blood, Liver eyesight, lungs and cough effect, a lot of health care drugs contain medlar. Chinese wolfberry contains amino acids, alkaloids, betaine, acid syrup and a variety of vitamins, also contains a variety of linoleic acid.

To give you a proposal: you can drink green tea in the morning, appetizers, refreshing; afternoon drink wolfberry, can improve the physical, favorable sleep.

Summer drink green tea the most appropriate

Chinese medicine believes that the spring and summer autumn and winter drinking tea should not be the same. It should be based on the taste of a variety of tea, in different seasons to drink the appropriate tea.

Black tea can warm stomach, refreshing, but also help digestion, in the cold winter drink Gan warm black tea is the most appropriate. Green tea bitter cold, easy to drink in winter cold stomach, may also affect appetite. And hot summer, drink green tea just can take its bitter cold nature, refreshing antipyretic, thirst quencher.

Many people like to drink some tea after a big meal of big fish, which is also bad for health. Tea in a large number of tannic acid, will be combined with the protein to produce tannic acid protein, this material has a convergence effect, so that intestinal peristalsis weakened, thereby extending the food residue in the intestine residence time, resulting in dry stool. So, it is best not to drink tea after a meal.

There are two opposite effects of tea

Tea at the same time with both refreshing and sedative role, refreshing effect can make the brain clear and flexible, and the role of the revitalization is inhibited, soothe the nerves of the role. The same tea can lead to such two opposite effects, what is the reason?

When the tea just soak about 3 minutes, most of the tea in the caffeine has been dissolved into the tea. At this time the tea has a significant refreshing effect, exciting. And then later, the tea tannic acid gradually dissolved in the tea, offset the role of caffeine, it is not easy to make people have obvious physical excitement.

So, the role of tea is a two-sided. Some people do not dare to drink tea at night, it is because of fear of drinking can not sleep. In fact, as long as the beginning of brewing about 3 minutes of tea drained, and then continued to boil water to drink, refreshing effect will not be so obvious.


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